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CeASR Seminar: From Research to Impact: Making academic research accessible to wider audiences- Women of Aktion: Performance, Gender and the German revolution of 1918

Speakers: Professor Ingrid Sharp and Dr Corinne Painter, University of Leeds. Organiser: CeASR Social Change Programme

In this talk, Painter and Sharp will reflect on the process of co-creating the play, the resulting changes to the professional practice of both academics, the theatre company, and the performers. In particular, the emotional power of performance and story-telling will be explored using audience responses. The performance in the naval barracks in Kiel as part of the city’s commemorative activities disrupted and challenged the over-emphasis on the role of the sailors and socialist leaders that only told half the story. Through the creation and performance of the play, Painter and Sharp were able to recover the voices of women who have been erased, and resist and challenge the current entrenched historical positions.

Event Details

25 November 2019 -
25 November 2019
116, Calverley
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