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University-crewed movie premieres at leading film festival

An intense tale of confrontation, crewed by Leeds Beckett University colleagues, is being premiered at a leading international film festival.

Still from movie Disclosure showing a close up of one of the leading actors

Movie experts from the university’s Northern Film School – part of Leeds School of Arts - have helped produce the feature-length Disclosure, which focuses on two families pitted against each other following a disturbing allegation.

The film, directed by former Northern Film School senior lecturer Michael Bentham, has been selected as part of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, currently taking place in California.

Cinematography was overseen by senior lecturer Mark Carey, who explained: “Back in January 2018, I went out to Australia to collaborate in the production of Disclosure, working alongside academics and students from the University of Melbourne.

“Disclosure is an academic and creative collaboration. It addresses a difficult contemporary issue through an innovative shooting style set in what appears to be the perfect setting.

“Northern Film School graduate Brittany Gomez and current student Mike Bailey also worked on the production, with post-production grading completed at Electric Press in Leeds.

“Making a feature film, and then getting it out there, is a very long process but we are finally here.”

Shot in Australia on one location, Disclosure is set in a poolside tropical garden and focuses on the aftermath of an allegation by a four-year-old girl against another child.

According to the Palm Springs International Film Festival website, “a conversation that begins with civility and carefully chosen language soon takes unexpected twists and unsafe turns.

“Marked by notable performances from its four leads and sharp, rhythmic dialogue that doesn’t swerve from uncomfortable themes, Disclosure is sure to be one of the most talked about films this season.”

The trailer for Disclosure can be viewed here.

Official movie poster for Disclosure showing the four main actors underwater in a swimming pool

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